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Smart Marketing Automation

The future of B2B marketing has arrived.

Salesfusion Marketing Automation

Salesfusion marketing automation software integrates with almost any CRM and even acts as it’s own CRM. Maintain customer relations while marketing to them with Salesfusion 360.

Salesfusion operates on it’s own CRM-type platform, or you can integrate almost any CRM solution on the market. Generate leads in no time with easy-to-use content creation and landing page builders.

Benefits for your Business

Create Powerful Email Campaigns

Salesfusion's email tools are among the best in the industry and are built by marketers, for marketers. Create nurture campaigns based on lead activities and your own research. Salesfusion is geared towards the B2B market segment.

Capture Leads

A simple internet lead capture solution that allows you to capture leads from your existing web forms and process them using an advanced lead management tool set.

Track Website Visitors

Knowing how many people visited your website is great, but knowing who visited, and why is even better. Once a visitor engages with your website, Salesfusion helps you bring them back again and again.

Social Media Marketing

Integrate social media marketing into your automation analytics with Salesfusion 360. Come full circle from the time you meet your prospect until the customer acquisition stage.

Campaign Manager

Build and manage multi-channel marketing campaigns and expand the reach of your brand. Salesfusion brings all of your online and offline channels into a single interface.

CRM Connections

Salesfusion integrates with the most popular CRM systems on the market including Salesforce, MSCRM and SugarCRM. Easily push and pull leads between platforms and avoid lead duplication.


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