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Become the Marketer You've Always Wanted

Automate marketing towards targeted prospect lists with easy-to-build content.

Net-Results Marketing Automation

Net-Results’ segment-driven marketing automation makes it easy for you to streamline all kinds of marketing tasks. Reach prospects when they are interested, not just on a fixed drip schedule like other systems.

Get more leads with easy-to-use and absolutely gorgeous landing page builders. Take your leads and nurture them with best-in-class automation tools and campaign capabilities.

Benefits for your Business

Segment-Driven Technology

Net-Results provides exceptional data manipulation and targeting abilities. You can segment your marketing database in ways you would never expect - which uncovers hidden opportunity for new business. 

Lead Scoring and Nurturing

At $800 / per month, Net-Results brings marketing features usually reserved for much more expensive marketing platforms.  Net-Results provides sophisticated tools that allow you to set rules of when and where to nurture prospects in your marketing. 

List Management

Automate list management based on attributes and behaviors, no manual effort required. You can create dynamic segments that change as prospects behaviors and triggers pop up. Market to people when you are top of mind with Net-Results. 

CRM Integration

Seamless data flow to and from popular CRM applications (like Salesforce and SugarCRM) keeps your sales team focused on closing business.

Reports and Dashboards

Create on-demand or scheduled reports that pinpoint strong prospects and illuminate campaign performance. You can get daily downloads of how your email campaigns are performing as well as how well your landing pages are converting. 

Web Analytics

Net-Results gives you full analytics of your site including visitor identification. You can track which pages your prospects are on (and how long they spent on them) directly within your CRM. 

Landing Pages and Forms

Easily build and split test landing pages and forms with drag and drop tools. Net-Results provides world-class landing page capabilities only rivaled by specialized landing page products. We think the design capabilities of Net-Results are the best of any automation platform. 


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