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Inbox Guru

100% Native Marketing Automation for Infor CRM

A powerful solution that brings marketing technology pre-built inside of Infor CRM

Infor Integration

Inbox Guru offers Infor CRM users a native email marketing and marketing automation solution that is quick to install, easy to learn, and provides all the core benefits of a third party marketing solution right inside the Infor CRM app.

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What Makes Inbox Guru Different

100% native to Infor CRM, Inbox Guru is a powerful marketing tool. The integration allows users to view, in real-time, both the dynamic and ad-hoc groups, one of the major strengths of Infor CRM. Inbox Guru does not need to sync your contacts or leads. The solution is able to read your dynamic and ad-hoc groups and, more importantly, use the group’s layout fields for merging CRM data into email campaigns, thus driving personalization and highly relevant content to your CRM database. This critical feature also allows you to use CRM and its other modules, such as ERP and Invoices (when integrated), to define a marketing list and is patently unique to Inbox Guru.

Benefits for your Business

  • Built 100% inside of Infor CRM

  • Execute and align on prospect and customer communications

  • Easily track real-time web activity inside of CRM. Inbox Guru captures, scores and pushes vital sales information into the activity record so your sales people can respond accordingly

  • Leverage CRM-driven campaign content, including ERP and extension tables

  • Create more personalized campaigns leading to higher response rates

  • Send the right communications, for the right reasons, at the right times

  • Simple email design and WYSIWYG editor mean less training and support are required to master the system


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