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Lead Nurturing On-demand

Gain actionable insights into your prospects.

Act-On Marketing Automation

We are Experts at Integrating Your Marketing
At BrainSell, we are one of Act-On’s top partners. They trust us to help our clients integrate their customer databases with their marketing platforms to create all-in-one selling machines. There is no added cost to working with Act-On partner like BrainSell. 

Email Marketing
Act-On provides powerful email marketing templates and is capable of sending bulk emails. Act-On delivers huge email analytics to backup their emailing capabilities, and provides world-class insights into prospects and the steps they take in your marketing funnel.

SEO-friendly Landing Pages
Create landing pages that actually get found with Act-On. Act-On delivers SEO tools and how-to guides to build your perfect landing page without a graphic designer. Just like their emailing platform, Act-On provides actionable data that backs up your spiffy new landing pages.

Benefits for your Business

CRM Integration

Integrate your Act-On software with your CRM (Salesforce, SugarCRM, etc.) to deliver actionable insights right from your dashboards. Import lead source and past prospect conversations right to your lead and contact profiles. You can create lists in your CRM platform and pool them right into Act-On to start marketing to them. 

Lead Generation and Nurturing

Use Act-On's landing page and email templates to generate leads with minimal programming knowledge. Once you capture the leads, you can use Act-On's state-of-the-art marketing automation tools to nurture your prospects into sales. Act-On is rock solid and extremely fast to use, so you can pump out awesome content in no time. 


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