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Sage Fixed Assets

Take Control of Your Fixed Assets

Easily track, depreciate, plan, and report on fixed assets, large and small.

Sage Fixed Asset Management

Sage FAS solution has set the bar for fixed asset software. Sage has more experience creating FAS software than any other company . FAS comes standard with depreciation accounting and inventory reporting features.

Perfect for non-profit and for-profit companies, Sage FAS supports complete fixed asset and depreciation management formulas. Track inventory with ease and set a concrete value to every asset company-wide.

Benefits for your Business

Track Your “Stuff”

Where does the “stuff” in your company go? Sage Fixed Asset Management can tell you by tracking the items you use to run your business every day. Simple wizards walk you through all the steps in inventorying your assets to help eliminate misplaced or stolen assets. By keeping close tabs on your fixed assets you may be able to reduce insurance premiums and tax over-payments.

With Saged Fixed Asset accounting and reporting capabilities you have the assistance necessary to prepare year-end financials. The system automatically calculates allocated costs and depreciation.

Tracking assets has never been easier. No more redundant data entry. Plus you can easily picture all your assets. Digital images can be stored with purchase orders, warranty contracts and insurance reports.

Plan in Advance for Fixed Asset Management

The best way to manage your fixed assets, is to take control early. Sage Fixed Asset gives you an early start with flexible management of capital budgeting and projects under construction.


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