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Sage 500

Enterprise ERP Software

Have BrainSell Orchestrate Your Instance of Sage 500

Sage 500 ERP

Sage 500 ERP is an enterprise-level ERP offering. Formerly known as MAS, Sage 500 ERP is a complete accounting, payroll and HR offering designed for large companies or organizations that are about to take the next step in enterprise-level growth. Sage includes features on the cutting edge of accounting and HR automation.

Customizable to grow as your business evolves and scales, Sage 500 ERP gives you the flexibility to run your business exactly the way you want. Achieve greater ROI by streamlining all aspects of back-end business operations.

BrainSell is a Sage partner with a wealth of implementation and consulting experience. Contact us today to see how we can get Sage 500 to work for you.

Benefits for your Business

High Levels of Risk Mitigation

Flexible and expandable to meet the diverse business management requirements of varied industries. Sage knows that when it comes to enterprise level business, no two sets of overall accounting requirements are ever exactly the same. That’s why Sage 500 ERP is designed to be exceptionally flexible and expandable to fit your industry and vertical.

From handling production of raw materials through to the inventory and shipping of finished goods, Sage 500 ERP works seamlessly with your accounting and distribution modules. You gain the insight to spot areas where you can save time and money, while delivering top-notch customer service. Best of all, you remove much of the uncertainty within manufacturing.

Choose a Platinum Level Partner for Your Instance

Sage 500 ERP is a powerful product that should be implemented by a trusted partner. Most mid-level to enterprise companies choose a Sage partner for their implementation. Contact BrainSell for more information.

Build Better Customer Relationships

While Sage ERP 500's core strengths focus on the back-office, front-office integration ties your systems together in order to improve customer relationships and revenues.

Leverage Business Intelligence

Business intelligence and reporting help your managers focus on key metrics that drive business improvements. You are able to proactively monitor internal and external changes as they happen.


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