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Beautifully Simple

Zendesk is help desk software for better customer service.

Zendesk Integratable Support Software

Support Without the Back-and-forth

When one of your customers has a support question, Zendesk pools together support tickets. These are consolidated support conversations pulled from emails, forms and other data to avoid clutter when supporting your clients.

It’s efficient. Do more with less.

Zendesk makes it easy to automate repetitive tasks, prioritize which issues require your attention first, and loop in people from outside your team. This allows you to optimize your workflow and handle anything that comes your way.

Low cost of ownership.

Zendesk is not just affordable, it gives you more for your money. It’s easy to use and the onboarding process is quick, so it’s never a drain on your resources. There are no maintenance charges, implementation costs, or any other hidden fees. And the total cost to you is significantly cheaper than competitors.

Benefits for your Business

CRM Integrations —

Zendesk works with a variety of CRM systems and is a major time saver. Your CRM data will come directly into Zendesk without taking up excess CRM licenses. You can also see all customer support interactions inside of Sugar.

1. SugarCRM

Zendesk integrated to SugarCRM brings your salespeople closer to support without aggravating them. Supports any version of Sugar 6.1 or higher. Works with every addition of Sugar from CE to Ultimate*.

2. Salesforce

Have more productive and actionable support conversations with Zendesk for Salesforce. You can eliminate moving back and forth between support mediums for quicker turnaround time.

3. Microsoft CRM

Track your customers support issues with true bi-directional integration between Zendesk and MS CRM. Ticket data is presented in your CRM dashboard for easy action.

*Your SugarCRM must be accessible in the cloud


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