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CRM Built for e-Commerce

The most flexible open-source CRM application, period!


OroCRM is the best Customer Relationship Management software for businesses that sell online to other business or directly to consumers. With available connectors to e-Commerce platforms such as Magento, PrestaShop, Websphere, etc., OroCRM provides e-Commerce businesses access to data that they never had before. Even more importantly, OroCRM comes with a wealth of features allowing marketing and sales teams to collect data, gain a deep understating of the customer’s needs and wants, optimize marketing initiatives, increase conversion, and ultimately grow sales.

Benefits for your Business

CRM Solutions for All 

• A CRM solution for any organization type. Run multiple organizations and businesses in the same system with a global view.

Powerful e-Commerce 

• Deep connection with eCommerce platforms that delivers powerful multi-channel capabilities. View the business KPIs in an intuitive eCommerce dashboard, Two – way sync of customers’ accounts and orders data, identify abandoned carts, create marketing lists and customer segments, launch email campaigns and log every interaction into a single 360° view of the customers.

Seamless Integration 

• Easily integrates with existing systems such as eCommerce, ERP, Product Information Management (PIM), email campaign management and others.

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