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Modern Day Rock-solid CRM

Formerly Saleslogix, Infor CRM brings your entire contact history in the salesperson's hand.

Infor CRM

Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) is a leading customer relationship management application for companies that place a high value on customer engagements. Infor CRM software is rock solid and has many deployment options both in the cloud and on-premise

Benefits for your Business

Easier Sales Interactions

Infor's award-winning CRM (formerly Saleslogix) enables you to build better customer relationships across all channels in your organization. You have a complete view of every customer interaction, at every touch-point. Even non tech-savvy salespeople usually find Infor very user friendly.

Infor CRM Xbar

Infor CRM's Xbar provides one of the tightest integrations to Outlook of any CRM platform. Even on your cell phone, Xbar allows you to make the transition between email and CRM seamless.


Built for Mobility

Infor CRM's mobile app extends comprehensive CRM capabilities to mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Built for the mobile nature of today’s workforce, your team is fully functional on-the-go.

Actionable Business Insights

Understanding the details of your business, in real-time, is the key to maintaining a competitive edge. With Infor CRM you have access to KPIs from across your company. Ready access to this data supports you in making strategic decisions that have the greatest impact on your bottom line.


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