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Job Management Made Easy.

The most complete management software for any field service industry.


Highly Configurable Field Service Software 

Fieldmagic is a complete field service software designed for fire services, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, IT and field servicing industries. Features include a full CRM, job management, quoting, time and materials, fixed price jobs, purchase orders, staged invoicing, and technician geolocation. The platform is highly configurable and provides users with custom fields and an open API.

Job management features enable users to schedule various types of jobs including maintenance, minor work and projects, each with their own workflows and configurations at technician, client and organization level. Users can track time and materials to ensure billable expenses are appropriately invoiced, as well as attach photos of receipts or parts via Fieldmagic’s mobile app.

The quoting engine allows users to create and keep track of open quotes with contextual information against sites and companies. The platform’s forecasts view helps organizations to keep track of new business for the period, allowing sales management to assign forecast quotas to each representative. Fieldmagic’s checklist builder lets users build questions with drop-down values, define compliance pass and fail values, and more.

Productivity Integrations

Integration with the Flexidocs document generation tool provides users with online and in-person eSigning capabilities and allows documents to be sent, returned, and safely archived within Fieldmagic. The mobile app allows field technicians to access and provide all job related information while on site, including time and materials logging and destination navigation via the built-in GPS tracking tool. The platform integrates with various third party applications for accounting, email marketing, relationship analytics, and more.

BrainSell, Fieldmagic Experts

BrainSell is proud to introduce Fieldmagic to the US market.  We provide world-class consulting, implementation, integration, training and development services for Fieldmagic. Our team is comprised of highly experienced and respected software engineers, developers and business analysts ready to guide you to CRM success, specific to your service industry.

BrainSell can help you customize Fieldmagic right out-of-the-box with our popular quick start packages, allowing you to hit the ground running. In addition, we can customize your Fieldmagic implementation to fit your business.


Fieldmagic Overview Video

Benefits for your Business

Job Management & Workforce Mobility

The innovative dual-interface allows Fieldmagic to not only perform as an top performing CRM, but also as a mobile job management platform.   Simple time & materials logging that is technician friendly, reduces administrative overhead, and ensures billable expenses are invoiced where appropriate.

Employees and service technicians have the ability to track travel time, time worked, materials, and keep track of every aspect of all customer projects while on the go.  All updates made to accounts in the field are reported real-time back to the CRM.

Fieldmagic provides contextual intelligence from internal and external data sources—all from a single dashboard—to drive more actionable insights for every user.

Maintenance & Scheduling

Fieldmagic provides flexible quoting abilities, targeted at the maintenance industry, which seamlessly provide workflows into contracts , electronic signing, and maintenance scheduling.  The flexible maintenance scheduling feature combines similar maintenance automatically, into single jobs, for efficient use of technician resources.  Fieldmagic provides a checklist builder for management of maintenance and standard operating procedures that is unmatched in the market today. 

Sales & Marketing

Capture website inquiries directly into your CRM, an you are ready to quote!  Fieldmagic's sophisticated quoting engine includes sales quotas and revenue forecasting.  With Fieldmagic, your business will streamline the contract and document signing processes with eSigning support and a built in integration to Flexidocs.

Billing & Finance

Fieldmagic includes Accounting Synchronisation for Field Magic™, a tool that pushes the Sales Invoices and Purchase Orders from your CRM to your Cloud Accounting Software.

Client Portal

Fieldmagic comes with an intuitive customer portal which provides a client facing access point for self-service customers. Customers expect ease of access, and service that is responsive. By moving to a self-service model, this ensures the speed of service is determined by your customers.  This feature also includes a knowledge base and FAQ builder, as well as live web chat functions.

Reporting & Workflow

With Fieldmagic, your business will leverage powerful dashboarding tools to provide at-a-glance reporting and filtered information.  Fieldmagic provides a full BPM 2.0 compliance workflow platform to streamline your business and manage your end to end processes.  Get a Handle on your Upcoming Revenue with Accurate Forecasting & Sales Quotas.

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