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Process-driven. Automated. Amazing.

bpm'online provides unmatched CRM workflow, marketing and customer service functionality.


At BrainSell, we’re a company uniquely suited to make the most out of a CRM platform like bpm’online. We’ve been tying Business Process Managment (BPM) strategy and methodology into our CRM practice for years. BPM is a style of notation and organization critical to BrainSell’s mission and overall success. 

Reasons why you should choose bpm’online

1. With easy-to-build workflows, bpm’online will bring your entire sales process to life and automate many of the tasks you do every day. 

2. bpm’online includes loads of out-of-the-box marketing tools, allowing you to set up true Outbound campaigns directly within the CRM without sending emails from your servers. 

3. The platform is perfect for process driven organizations. As Business Process Management becomes more popular in general, organizations who are interested in setting a mapped process will find no better tool. 

4. Customization within the tool itself is incredible. Dragging and dropping fields and adding new modules is easier than almost any other tool. You’ll become an admin in no time. 

5. Out-of-the-box integration with most VOIP phone systems.

6. Comes at fraction of the cost of comparable product like Salesforce. bpm’online is an extremely powerful tool with a much lower price tag. 

bpm'online vs. Salesforce

Editions Comparison and BPM’online Pricing

bpmonline pricing

Benefits for your Business

More Value Working with a "Pure" BPM Shop

BrainSell has been providing BPM services outside of bpm'online for years. Now that there is a tool that ties those principles seamlessly into a CRM product, it makes sense to work with an Outfit like BrainSell.

Build Marketing Campaigns Without an Automation Tool

Most CRM platforms work best when integrated with a marketing automation tool. This is not necessarily the case with a tool like bpm'online. Included in the platform is a world-class automated email and campaign builder. You won't find that functionality in any CRM platform unless you want to integrate something to it. 

bpm'online Provides Great Value Versus Salesforce

bpm'online is one of our most affordable options. It is an extremely easy tool to learn and adopt and carries a beautiful interface. More and more Salesforce users are converting to bpm'online every day. 

Visit our BPM Homepage to start your own journey into automating your entire business. 


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