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Add Clarity to Your Process

The leading open source BPM software.

ProcessMaker Business Process Management

ProcessMaker’s open source BPM plugs into tools you already use (like CRM and ERP platforms) and automates your processes with workflows. ProcessMaker is designed to streamline operations such as approval-based processes and sales methodologies.

Benefits for your Business

Easily Automate Business Processes

ProcessMaker workflow software comes with an extensive toolbox containing an intuitive drag and drop interface. At BrainSell, we help map your process to the interface, and then through code we can automate repetitive processes you perform every day. 

Use IT Resources More Efficiently

ProcessMaker is designed for simple deployment and development. This way your technology team or partners can quickly get the software up and running without spending excess time on a complex and unreliable installations. Once installed, business managers can create and modify established workflows without IT involvement. 

Continuously Improve Your Business Outcomes

ProcessMaker supports an adaptive approach. Technology and business managers are supported in working together to identify problem processes that need improvement in the larger stream of business activities.

ProcessMaker automates workflows so they become consistent, repeatable, and measurable. As your business changes your processes are refined and adapted to new conditions. To find out more about how ProcessMaker connects to your tools, contact the BPM consultants at BrainSell.


Business Process Management

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