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Business Intelligence by Cognos

Make the decisions that deliver better results.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Software

Cognos provides businesses of all sizes with quality information to answer three important business questions: How is my business doing? Why are things the way they are? And what should we be doing differently?

With insights drawn from the answers to these questions, you can make better, faster decisions. Cognos supports you in making decisions based on real-time and accurate information that has been collected from across your organization. You have the insight to be more efficient, reduce costs and identify growth opportunities.

Benefits for your Business

Rich Visual Presentations

Cognos translates business data into analysis through rich visual presentations. An intuitive web interface makes it easy to explore and customize data with interactive visuals that enable users to drill up or down for quick analysis of key areas. By providing simple and flexible access to your business information Cognos makes it easier to see where you need to improve, and where you need to grow.

Optimize Your Plans with "What-if" Analysis

“What-if” scenario modeling is extremely powerful because it lets you analyze and optimize your plans based on different assumptions. It goes beyond your business data to take into account evolving market conditions. Cognos gives you the power to model best-case, worst-case and most-likely outcomes built on your key business drivers.

Decision-makers are able to interact with information and get relevant insights wherever they are, and however they prefer to work. Cognos is available on the web, through mobile devices, or within a personalized workspace, even when disconnected from a network.


Business Intelligence

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