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Training & User Adoption

BrainSell Helps you Increase User Adoption Rates Across all Your Platforms.
Buying the right platform is only half the battle in finding the right business software. Actually getting your employees to use said software is an entirely different challenge.

Why are we so obsessed with user adoption rates?

As a partner, BrainSell is incentivized by how long you stay on any given software platform. Not only does that encourage us to find you the software we know you’ll use and love, but it also creates incentives to teach you the best practices and easiest ways to get the most from your software. We are experts in driving ROI through the end user experience.


Behavioral Scrutinization Engagements

Identification of Current Behavior

Scrutinizing existing behavior is critical to a optimizing user adoption rates. We find out why your employees are not using the existing software you have and fix the behaviors that adversely affect user adoption.

Administrative Training

BrainSell gets your admin(s) up to speed to help with ongoing use of your systems. Even if your admins are uncertified in any given platform, we can get them to the point where they can manage your systems confidently. A solid administrative foundation is key to improving user adoption rates among non-administrative users.

End User Training

BrainSell’s industry experts will customize online training to build skills in areas where they are most needed. We can guide your marketing department in mastering social media, help sales close more deals and teach your accounting department how to get more done.

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