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Software Implementation Consulting

Minimal disruption. Maximum performance.
With more than two decades of experience in the evolving business software industry, our specialized consultancy goes against the rhetoric that a one-size-fits-all technology solution actually exists. We will take a step back and marry your business process with the technology for maximum performance. If your process is not yet codified (put into code), then we can help you do that so you can make it come to life with software.

A successful software implementation requires a full and complete analysis of your company’s infrastructure, operations and business processes. Only then can a solution be tailored to enhance the success and readiness of every member of your organization.

Steps to Success

We begin your software project by analyzing and documenting your specific business requirements. This includes a review of your infrastructure, operations and business processes. As you select your software, your long-term business goals will remain paramount, as we want you to make sure you make the right choice.

Next, we create a blueprint that includes functional specifications and database foundation. In addition, a revised budget quotation and project schedule clearly defines the milestones of the project.

During the design phase of your project we execute against the blueprint. Included in this phase is development, customization and integration of additional requirements provided in the blueprint. Throughout the project, our team provides project reviews and clearly defined revisions.

We offer data conversion services to convert or migrate virtually any information or database into your CRM, ERP or marketing platform. We also offer custom programming services to shape your new software to work precisely the way you do.

Before going live with your new software, we follow a formalized quality assurance process. During this stage we work closely with your pilot team to review each aspect of your project. Our goal is to have you love and keep your new software or software package as long as you can.

The implementation phase includes testing customization, integration, work flow and all other design requirements. After testing has been completed, and quality assurance review and adjustments have been made, we roll-out your completed system in incremental phases that don’t interrupt your business flow, and are easily adopted by your employees.

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