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CRM for the Retail Industry

Gain a competitive edge in a new world of retailing.

Retail CRM

Over the last decade all retail segments have  been transformed by the Internet. Consumers have embraced new online retail channels that provide 24×7 access to merchandise around the globe. They now have instant access to pricing and reviews that optimize their shopping decisions. While consumers have thrived, established retailers have seen their margins and customers evaporate. Retail CRM software helps retailers succeed in the new retail paradigm by helping you to capture, centralize, share and analyze details of every customer interaction. With Retail CRM you are able to reach more customers, increase purchase size and provide a better customer experience.

Benefits for Your Company
  • Retail CRM tracks your customers’ favorite products, purchases and customer support requests in a centralized database.
  • Optimize marketing campaigns through niche-targeted campaigns, in your stores and online.
  • Leverage customer data to create a more targeted shopping experience. Retail CRM gives you real-time analytics to tailor inventory and promotions to customer expectations.
  • Improve your customer service through corporate-wide access to historic customer information in-person, online, or on the phone.
  • Reach your customers wherever they are. Sophisticated Retail CRM systems now offer your customers access to your products and services from their favorite mobile devices.

To ensure your success, BrainSell’s software consulting services establish a sound CRM strategy tailored to your retail business. Whether you are implementing your first Retail CRM system, replacing an existing one, or adding new marketing or inventory management capabilities, BrainSell’s savvy CRM consultants offer strategic guidance and hands-on expertise.

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