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CRM for Higher Education

Move to the top of the class with powerful sales, marketing and service software.

Higher Education CRM

Access modern marketing tools to grow your institution’s sales and marketing campaigns, as well as performance analytics.  Create highly targeted campaigns, provide a consistent experience, and build stronger, longer-lasting relationships.

Benefits for Your Higher Education Institution
  • Optimize recruiting  by increasing  the volume and the quality of applications. You can easily target ideal students, track what is important to them, and keep them engaged through multiple channels.
  • Monitor and contribute to social conversations that happen in multiple places online, all the time.
  • Fill your pipelines with qualified donors or students, and follow every interaction by your sales department.
  • Evaluate your budget effectiveness. Higher education CRM gives you access to key performance indicators as well as historical information for strategic planning.
  • Eliminate tedious paper-based administration processes.

To ensure your success, BrainSell’s software consulting services establish a sound CRM strategy tailored to your business.

Whether you are implementing your first higher education CRM system, replacing an existing one, or enhancing your current software, BrainSell’s experienced CRM consultants provide strategic guidance and hands-on expertise every step of the way.

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