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CRM for Construction Industry

Break ground on new business and manage project risk.

Construction CRM

As average construction contract sizes increase, Construction CRM software is an important tool in securing new business and managing project risk. Construction CRM software can also help to improve performance and profits by automating sales, marketing and reporting.

Construction CRM allows you to comprehensively manage relationships with clients, contractors, and prospects in one central location.

Benefits for Your Construction Business:
  • Improve collaboration by consolidating and sharing information about job opportunities, sub-contractors, clients and appointments.
  • Gain quick access to all your vital business information through integration with back-office solutions.
  • Evaluate your budget effectiveness. Construction CRM gives you access to key performance indicators, as well as historical information for strategic planning.
  • Eliminate tedious paper-based administration processes.
  • Manage your construction projects on the go through smartphones and tablets.

To ensure your success, BrainSell’s software consulting services establish a sound CRM strategy tailored to your business.

Whether you are implementing your first construction CRM system, replacing an existing one, or enhancing your current system, BrainSell’s savvy CRM consultants offer strategic guidance and hands-on expertise.

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