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Make the Right Software Vendor Choice

Vendor Selection Consulting

In a new age of business, having the right technology can make or break your company’s ability to scale or even survive.

  • Are you having a difficult time identifying the software features that are important and matching them to an actual product?
  • Do you having difficulty tying your business practices to the different functions of business software?
  • Have you bought technology and found you couldn’t implement it? Or it doesn’t perform as expected?
  • Are you afraid you may cripple your business with the wrong technology?
  • Have you found that once you’ve bought technology the vendor stops returning your calls.

BrainSell in an unique position to eliminate your fears.

Unlike many technology resellers who work with a single vendor, we take a vendor agnostic approach when recommending technology.

Over the last two decades, we have implemented hundreds of business software solutions and have vetted all the brands in our portfolio and 80% of the brands in the market. We know the pros and cons that no vendor will admit to during the sales process.

Benefits of a Vendor Selection Engagement for Your Business

Requirements First
Before you buy any software, we at BrainSell highly encourage you to take a step back and start seeing your business at 50,000 feet.

We Resell the Best of the Best
Before we ever recommend a software solution, the company and products undergo an extensive review. Among the criteria a vendor must meet is financial stability, up-to-date and working technology, and quick to value.

We Become Advocates for Your Cause
We’ll rattle a few cages when it comes to getting support. Should anything ever not meet your full satisfaction after selection, we will not stop until you have the instance of software you’ve always. wanted.

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For more information on Software Vendor Selection consulting, contact us today at 1-866-356-2654.

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