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Marketing Technology Rescue

Turn around a failed marketing implementation.
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Many organizations buy marketing software without realizing it takes time, effort and the right marketing automation platform to run correctly. This is not an uncommon problem in organizations large and small.

If only it was so easy. Obviously, you’re trying to create a pipeline of viable leads and open up the top of the funnel, and something went wrong. We at BrainSell are certified partners with all the major marketing technology companies (Act-On, HubSpot, etc.), and we are experts at connecting you with the right tool you can actually figure out how to use.

A marketing software implementation may get into trouble for any number of reasons. Your company may have overly optimistic expectations. Or your marketing automation system does not integrate with your CRM system. Maybe your marketing director even left right before the next big marketing calendar was created.

If you are not realizing significant gains from your investment in marketing technology, our Technology Rescue services will put you on the path to maximizing your investment.

We are conversions experts who will help drive revenue through your marketing technology.

After identifying the reason for failure, we put a plan in place and bring in an experienced team to turn your project around. Plus we’ll help your marketing team adopt your new system by communicating “what’s in it for me.”

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