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ERP Technology Rescue

Turn around a failed ERP implementation.
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Unbiased, Outside Resources to Get You Back on Track

Unfortunately, just installing an ERP system doesn’t automatically generate benefits. ERP software is an enabling tool around which improved business processes drive gains. An ERP implementation may get into trouble for any number of reasons.

  • Keeping business processes the same.
  • Naming the wrong person as project manager.
  • Not budgeting adequate time and money.

If you are not realizing significant gains from your ERP implementation, our Technology Rescue services will put you on the path to maximizing your investment.

Our team works hand-in-hand with you to identify the reason for your failed implementation. Without blame, or finger pointing. We consider ourselves optimizers, taking the investments that have been made to date and maximizing the value.

After identifying the reason for failure, we put a plan in place and bring in an experienced team to turn your project around.

An independent and objective approach, combined with cross-industry experience, helps us to identify areas of failure and fixes. And we’ll help your users actually use the system by communicating “what’s in it for me.”

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