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Technology Blueprints

BrainSell; architects for your software success.

Reduce the Risk of a Failed Implementation

When it comes to buying software, “out of the box” or “turnkey” packages are very appealing to business buyers. Marketing hype makes it sound as if you can buy today and reap the rewards tomorrow. Unfortunately, it is rarely that simple.

In more than twenty years of implementing technology we’ve seen about 80% of technology purchases fail to meet expectations. In fact that’s the reason we offer Technology Rescue packages.

If your business has any degree of complexity, you will likely need to customize your technology. To ensure success we recommend starting with a Technology Blueprint. By pre-planning you reduce the risk of a failed implementation, or one that drags out, costing more and delaying expected returns.

You could benefit from a Technology Blueprint if:

  • Your requirements are more than just “out of the box”.
  • Your project includes integrations with other systems.
  • You have a workflow process in mind (or not) and it needs to be mapped out by an expert.
  • You’re not sure which application is right for your company.
  • You have a system in place, but it’s not effective.
  • You can’t answer these questions. Who is this for? What are we truly implementing? Where will it improve our business? When will we see a positive impact? Why are we doing this? And lastly, how will you make it happen?

If you are considering CRM, ERP, BPM, Marketing or BI software, contact us to architect your technology success.

CRM Technology Blueprint Packages

Level 1 CRM Blueprint – $2,995*

  • One interview session limited to one main stakeholder up to 90 minutes.
  • Report draft and 60 minute collaborative review, including analysis of issues.
  • May also include product recommendation, further consultation and estimated cost of project.
  • Final documentation of findings.

Level 2 CRM Blueprint – $5,995*

  • Interview with up to three stakeholders.
  • Draft documentation of findings.
  • Up to three collaborative phone sessions.
  • Final documentation of findings.
  • Upon request this assessment may also include a detailed system specification for a single product.

Level 3 CRM Blueprint – $9,995*

  • Interview with up to five stakeholders.
  • Draft documentation of findings.
  • Up to four collaborative phone sessions.
  • Delivery of final report, which may include information on recommended products, cost estimate and/or “Best Fit Analysis”.
  • Upon request this assessment may also include a detailed system specification for a single product.

Similar Blueprints are available for any business technology. If you require more specialized assistance, ask your BrainSell analyst to tailor a package.

* On-Site engagements may incur travel related expenses.

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