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Interim Sales Management

Veteran sales manager matched to your sales needs and budget.

Partnering for Increased Sales

Many companies perceive the need to improve their sales team’s effectiveness  but are not sure how to accomplish it. Here are some key signs you could benefit from interim sales management:

  • Your business has grown beyond the capabilities of your current sales management.
  • Sales are consistently below plan and your sales department is struggling to find new business.
  • Your sales team spends more time on administration than building relationships.
  • You are are a CEO who is running the sales department because you can’t find an experienced sales leader.
  • Your sales department lacks structure, is inefficient or poorly focused.
  • Your business is focused on a new strategic direction, but the sales team has not followed.

Our interim executives take a comprehensive approach to improving sales cross all your sales channels.  From recruiting and training to processes, systems, compensation, and organizational structure.

Benefits of Interim Sales Management
  • Improved sales effectiveness, customer loyalty and sales management through sales force automation (SFA) software. Ask us to evaluate vendors, install your new system and train your team.
  • Grow sales through channel partners. Let our interim sales management professionals setup a channel program. Selling through channels is a fast, and affordable way to increase your reach.
  • Optimize your pricing strategies. How you package, price, and present your products and services has an enormous impact on close rates. Ask us to increase your wins as well as average deal size. We do this by reviewing competitors, applying proven pricing strategies, and training your team on how to sell the new packages.
  • Interim strategic help for sales and market opportunity profiling. Often you get so focused on meeting sales numbers, that it’s difficult to take a global look at your market opportunities. By directing your sales team to prospects that have the greatest need, with fewer barriers to close, you will automatically close more deals, faster.
  • Master the art and science of sales compensation. The right compensation model is often the secret to super star sales teams. Our interim sales experts will recommend a compensation strategy that attracts top performers, encourages average performers to reach higher and eliminates your dead weight.
  • Skilled sales hiring to add top talent to your team and fill in territory gaps.
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For more information on our interim sales management services, contact us today at 1-866-356-2654.

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