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Interim CFO

Veteran CFO matched to your financial needs and budget.

Partnering for Profit Improvement

At some point, any successful business needs to boost their¬†financial expertise. It may be that your business is facing problems with investors. Perhaps you’ve lost a key member of your financial team. Or you may be a startup that doesn’t need a full-time CFO.

Whatever your financial staffing needs, BrainSell can help. Our interim CFO services are organized to provide senior level CFO expertise to improve efficiency and profitability. Benefits include:

  • Senior executive level CFO expertise.
  • Broad industry experience and contacts.
  • Immediate banking and M&A credibility.
  • Candid, unbiased, pragmatic advice.
  • Hands-on, seamless team integration.
  • Ability to scale services as needed.
Benefits of Interim CFO Services
  • Accurate and timely financial reporting.
  • Cash management and liquidity. Let us take care of managing vendor payables, receivables, and your bank relationships.
  • Planning analysis and operations to keep you on track. We will take care of budgeting, flash reports, key performance indicators, and pricing analysis.
  • When it comes to systems and process improvements, ask us to improve internal cash controls and oversee new systems implementation.
  • Finally, our business experts are available to help with strategic planning, situation assessments, and contract reviews.
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For more information on our interim CFO services, contact us today at 1-866-356-2654.

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