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Top 5 SugarCRM Add-on and Plugin Apps 2014

< Back to all posts August 22, 2014 | By Sonja Fridell

SugarCRM has a huge, developer-friendly community of app and plugin designers. In 2014, we at BrainSell created our own, native SugarCRM add-on dubbed BrainLink. To view the rest of the best SugarCRM add-ons of 2014, check out our top 5 list below. To watch a previous year’s version of the best plugins, watch the video below.


BrainSell’s Top 5 Add-On Apps of 2014

1. BrainLink: A rock-solid, bi-directional integration with SugarCRM. Released July 19th, BrainLink allows you to spend the most time in Outlook of any email integration, and is a major time saver. BrainLink can save you up to 30 minutes a day importing leads and logging conversations in your CRM, which can quickly add up into major ROI.

2. Collabspot: Similar to BrainLink, Collabspot provides bi-directional email integration within your Gmail. Also like BrainLink, you can automatically track contact points (emails, calls, etc.) with opportunities in your CRM. You can spend a lot less time copying and pasting information from fields in emails as well as create leads and contacts on the fly.

3. Quotewerks: Is an industry standard for estimation software. Luckily for SugarCRM users, 2014’s version is more tightly integrated than ever.

4. Box: Similar to DropBox except on a highly encrypted, secure network, Box cloud-based storage consolidates all your files and integrates them with your CRM. You can retrieve and store documents with ease across multiple platforms with confidence.  

5. DocuSign: We save the best for last. Finally, something that shortens the approval process and estimate turnaround time. DocuSign is the most secure option available in 2014 to integrate with your SugarCRM. BrainSell can give free DocuSign demos upon request and we actually use it internally on a daily basis.

For a complete list of Sugar add-ons, please visit BrainSell’s SugarCRM Add-on page.

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