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Customer Success

We measure our success by your success. We have shared a few of our success stories/testimonials below.

“The Brainsell team consistently over delivers. Their training, service and problem solving skills are unmatched. We’re a small, but rapidly growing business that needed an intuitive platform to help us provide superior customer service, as well as integration with QuickBooks and an email campaign system that ties to our CRM. Brainsell and SugarOnDemand have provided a One Stop Shop for all of our Marketing/Sales, CRM and Inventory needs.

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“I just wanted to give you an update on how the training went last Friday. It was fantastic! Kevin did an amazing job, though I’m sure that comes as no surprise to you. The training with the whole team was invaluable and the one-on-one training with key users was excellent. I think the whole experience has gotten our users fired up about using Sugar.”

Jon Rasmussen, Convaid

“Sonja and her team are incredibly responsive and truly care about our success. Thank you for helping us grow our business! Keep up the excellent service and easy to use tools!”

John Leighton, Sales Manager, SNAG (Starting New At Golf)

“Andrea and Pat were wonderful to deal with. They made the transition of upgrading our system so smooth and easy. It was such a joy to work with both of them. I dealt more with Andrea and she was always so upbeat. What I refer to as a real ‘breath of fresh air.’ Just an amazing lady. She really cares about you and making sure that the end results work for you. I really cannot say enough good about the experience I had dealing with both Andrea and Pat. Thank you BrainSell for having such an amazing set of individuals representing your company.”

Cymbelina Rogers, Office Manager, OCI Enterprises, Inc.

“The level of professionalism, support and dedication to getting things right, by all the members of the BrainSell team, is just top notch.”

Chip Meyers, Sales Operations Manager, Insource

“BrainSell has been instrumental in the success of our Sales Logix initiative. They ensured that our staff was well-prepared to effectively manage the initial deployment and roll-out. Then, they worked closely with us to rapidly complete numerous customization projects. And, when we were recently acquired, they helped us save upwards of six thousand dollars in maintenance costs.”

Jason Eldridge, VP of Information Technology, Meredith & Grew, Inc.

“BrainSell is more than just a vendor. They have been a true business partner in all aspects of our project. They provided the expertise and guidance we needed to define processes for our unique business activities, and helped us to custom-tailor our SalesLogix CRM solution to most effectively support those processes. And, they did it all within very tight internal deadlines. Additionally, they’ve ensured that we receive the fastest, most responsive support possible from our third-party providers.”

Kermit Dubois, Managing Director of IT, Shawmut Design and Construction

“BrainSell helped us consolidate multiple disparate CRM implementations into a single, company-wide SalesLogix environment. They provided us with a great solution that included all the capabilities our sales force needed. And, their approach is very customer-focused, they were right by our side throughout the entire project. We simply could not have been successful without them.”

Laura Farnham, Corporate US Inside Sales Manager, DALSA Digital Imaging

“BrainSell has really helped us get the most value from our SalesLogix system. From ensuring that SalesLogix runs properly on our hardware, to getting us the kind of rapid, responsive technical support we need, BrainSell has proven to be a trusted CRM partner.”

Sally Wagaman, Information Technology Manager, Sandmeyer Steel Company

“I wanted you to know how delighted Oxford Finance corporation was with the blueprint provided by BrainSell. They are extremely knowledgeable, well-organized, thorough, patient and professional.”

Shelly Davis, Marketing Manager, Oxford Finance Corporation

“BrainSell’s deep knowledge of the solution, willingness to understand our business nuances, and ability to help us leverage SalesLogix to optimize customer relationships, has been invaluable.”

Rebecca Vreeken, Managing Director, Provident Corporate Finance

“We increased sales by 76% last year while drastically cutting time-consuming admin processes. It took BrainSell’s team just 30 days to make results possible.”

Mike Cleary, President, Winged Victory USA

“With BrainSell’s help, we use SalesLogix to better manage our opportunities and run sales much more efficiently.”

Carol Valone, President, WebCT