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Innovative. Flexible. Affordable.

SugarCRM trusts BrainSell to provide top-quality database implementation and migration services.


As a top global partner of SugarCRM, BrainSell is responsible for consulting, migration and training for all levels of Sugar implementations. SugarCRM helps businesses create thriving customer relationships by creating an organized customer journey. Sugar is one of the most customizable, east-to-adopt CRM solutions on the market.

Latest Version – SugarCRM 7.6

SugarCRM 7.6

SugarCRM Webinar 2015 – Sales User Best Practices Hosted by BrainSell

Reasons why you should choose SugarCRM

1. Sugar can be custom made to fit your business regardless of industry. You can easily customize fields and modules to have the CRM speak the same language as your business.

2. BrainSell will help you customize Sugar out-of-the-gate with our quick start packages, allowing you to hit the ground running.

3. Although many vertical solutions (industry specific) come ready to go with familiar terminlogy, no industry specific solution is as flexible and as integration-friendly as Sugar. 

4. Sugar is a custom solution with many developer add-ons. If there is something that Sugar can’t do out of the box, there will almost certainly be a plugin that can do the job. 

5. Sugar can get you there. It is it one of the most scalable solutions on the market. If you have 10 users, or if you have 10,000 users, it doesn’t matter. Sugar will grow and scale with your business. 

6. It comes at fraction of the cost of comparable product like Salesforce. Also, not only is SugarCRM a world class cloud-based platform, but unlike Salesforce, it has the flexibility to be deployed on-premise.

Benefits for your Business

More Added Value Working With an Elite Sugar Partner

When you partner with a SugarCRM Elite Partner like BrainSell to implement sugar, you get more value. We act as an advocate for your instance and act as a powerful liaison between yourself and the provider. There is no added cost for choosing to work with an Elite Sugar Partner. Our dedicated team acts as your CRM coaching staff; guiding you through the entire process.

Never Miss Another Sales Opportunity

Transform your sales with access to the information you need to put your customers front and center in your organization. SugarCRM provides you with contextual intelligence for better, faster, and smarter decisions.

Sugar Provides Great Value Versus Salesforce

Sugar is a tremendous value when you compare it to the most popular CRM in the industry. There is almost nothing you can't do in Sugar that you can do in Salesforce. Many of Sugar's current subscription base is made up of former Salesforce user.

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