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Still the Industry Standard

Hire experienced consultants for a smooth implementation.

Salesforce® Implementation Services

Salesforce® is a 100% scalable solution for your growing (or grown) business. Once you’ve made the decision to go with Salesforce®, BrainSell’s Implementation Services will ensure you get the most from your investment.

Best Practices Summer Series 2015 #3 – SugarCRM vs. Salesforce® from BrainSell

By combining our extensive knowledge of CRM platforms with more than a decade of customer success, you can count on us to complete your Salesforce® implementation on time and on budget. BrainSell’s implementation services are delivered by an exceptional team of Salesforce® certified CRM admins, developers and product support specialists.

bpmonline vs. Salesforce

If you are already a Salesforce® user, be sure to compare it to other CRM platforms (like SugarCRM), before you make your move. If you are considering moving from Salesforce®, we can help save your instance or find another CRM that works perfect for you.

To ensure your entire team maximizes the investment you have made in Salesforce®, we are readily available to train your employees and establish best practices across your organization.


Benefits for your Business

Known as the Industry Standard for CRM

Enterprise level companies rely on Salesforce® everyday to close the loop on the sales process. Salesforce® has a large development community and a large base of salespeople who are already familiar with the platform. It retains an old school look and feel and is easy to use. 

Work With a Certified Salesforce®Partner

BrainSell specializes in a wide variety of Salesforce® services. We can migrate you in and out of Salesforce® and customize your instance to suit your needs. Trust BrainSell to advocate for your cause, as well as implement a customized Salesforce® experience. No matter what CRM you use now, we can help you migrate your existing data. We have engineers with over 15 years of Salesforce experience.

Salesforce® for Quickbooks

Salesforce® syncs to Quickbooks in real time. Bi-directional integration of the most popular CRM and accounting software suites available.  

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