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CRM Intelligence Solution

Accurate tracking of lead and customer data

Works with: Marketo,Microsoft Dynamics CRM,Salesforce,SAP,SugarCRM

InsideView CRM Intelligence

Obtain concrete insights into your sales process and close more deals. Your sales team is able to close more deals, while account executives retain and expand your client base.

Benefits for your Business

Most Complete, Accurate Data Available

InsideView gives you intelligence on every B2B company in the United States with five or more employees. Includes complete and accurate background on key decision makers.

Relevant Insights About Customers and Prospects

Access more than 25,000 online sources to receive current news and event alerts.

Connections You Can Leverage

InsideView aggregates LinkedIn, Facebook, Outlook, existing customers, colleagues and personal contacts. You keep your private connections private through cloud access only within your company.

Works Within Your Favorite CRM

Native CRM integration with SugarCRM, Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP and Salesforce.



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