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Host Your Sage Software in the Cloud

Looking to take your on-premise instance of Sage to the cloud? BrainSell is now offering cloud hosting for its Sage customers.

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SalesForce.com vs SugarCRM

SalesForce.com has announced that fee increases are going into effect on May 1st. SalesForce.com is already charging 3x more than SugarCRM. Is the name brand worth it? With customers frustrated with higher monthly rates, this webinar aims to offer a lower-cost solution.

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Act-On Screen Grabs

Getting Marketing and Sales to play Nice – meet Sugar and Act-On

At the intersection of sales and marketing, you have SugarCRM and Act-On; two programs born to work together. Track marketing campaigns to leads, leads to sales, and sales to long-term customers, seamlessly!

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Intellidocs: Better looking documents, right from SugarCRM

Intellidocs seamlessly pushes SugarCRM data to beautiful custom templates. Fill out forms and proposals instantly, rather than spending hours manually filling out documents.

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Sage 300 ERP vs. NetSuite Webinar – On-premise vs. Cloud Solutions!

Sage 300 and NetSuite are two of the most popular mid-market accounting platforms on the market. BrainSell is getting together to compare the on-premise capabilities of Sage 300 ERP to the cloud-hosted capabilities of NetSuite.

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Introducing BrainLink — Full SugarCRM / Outlook Integration

Introducing BrainLink – BrainSell’s SugarCRM-to-Outlook Plugin that is tremendously more powerful than SugarCRM’s native integration. We’ll talk about what’s new in the brand-new version of BrainLink, the value of being able to work in Outlook and the cost of BrainLink.

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Introducing Tenfold – CRM / Phone Integration Webinar

Introducing Tenfold – a phone integration for SugarCRM, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Infor CRM and NetSuite. Tenfold improves business workflow with easier outbound calling and improving relationships over the phone. Tenfold connects your CRM and installs in minutes. BrainSell is getting together to show off Tenfold for all current and future CRM users!

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MS Dynamics vs. Infor CRM Comparison Webinar

MS Dynamics and Infor CRM are two of the strongest CRM platforms on the market. BrainSell is getting together shortly after the new year to compare two popular CRM platforms with super-solid cloud architechture, support for many integrated platforms and easy-to-adopt interfaces.

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HubSpot vs. Act-On Marketing Webinar

HubSpot and Act-On are two of the fastest growing marketing automation platforms on the market. BrainSell is getting together before the holidays to present two popular marketing platforms with strong campaign automation, revenue generating features and user-friendly interfaces.

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NetSuite Public Demonstration Webinar

NetSuite is one of the strongest all-in-one CRM, ERP and marketinng platforms on the market. BrainSell is getting together second week of December to present the ultra-tight NetSuite platform as it relates to it’s day-to-day accounting capabiliites, CRM functions and cloud deployment.

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