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“Have you Heard of Act-On?” — Act-On Marketing Demonstration Webinar

Wednesday, April 15, 2015, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST

We’ve been asking this question a lot lately. Find out why Act-On is the fastest growing marketing platform in the world. Act-On’s Brandon Contreras and BrainSell’s Jordan Fraczek breakdown the newest breakthrough, Act-On’s beta platform.

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Integrate CRM With Your Phone System — Callinize Demonstration Webinar

Join BrainSell and Callinize as we hold a very special webinar focusing on how to automatically log and track calls using Callinize and your CRM. Callinize is an award winning solution that integrates your existing phone and CRM in minutes.

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BrainLink Demonstration Webinar — The Indispensible SugarCRM / Outlook Plugin

We compare BrainLink – BrainSell’s SugarCRM-to-Outlook Plugin, to SugarCRM’s native integration. We’ll talk about what’s new in the brand-new BrainLink 2.0, the value of being able to include custom fields in Outlook, the price of BrainLink and best practices.

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Salesforce vs. SugarCRM – Epic Comparison Webinar

Salesforce and Sugar are being put through their paces during an epic comparison webinar hosted by BrainSell’s Sonja Fridell and Ric Palmer.

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The State of SugarCRM 7 Webinar — What’s New, What’s Changed and Best Practices

What’s new in Sugar 7, What’s changed since the launch of Sugar 7, and get a preview of the latest version of SugarCRM! In addition, during this webinar, BrainSell’s Sonja Fridell will be detailing best practices for workflows.

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What’s New in v17? — Act! CRM Webinar

Act! CRM v17 will include improved outlook sync, a fresh modern look, and an improved e-marketing and lead capture process. P.S. — During the webinar, Ron unveiled top secret Act! information for the month of December. 

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Is Your Inventory Hiding a Pile of Cash?

Control Your Inventory With an iPad for Less Than the Cost of a Car Payment. Introducing Inventory Advisor — the coolest, most useful add-on in the Sage ERP lineup. Understand how Inventory Advisor enhances your Sage ERP system, discover how Inventory Advisor can make you a ton of cash with your inventory and learn about identifying stock-outs and overstocks with an easy-to-use tool.

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How to Increase Sales With Robots — Webinar

Business Process Management (BPM) — Increasing Sales Without Human Capital. Hit the pause button! Examine process before implementing any software. Find out how on this webinar. You will understand Business Process Managment (BPM) software, discover how BPM integrates with your CRM and ERP systems and learn about identifying “bottlenecks” (where you are losing time and money).

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BrainLink Demonstration Webinar — SugarCRM Integration for Outlook

BrainLink Product Demonstration Presented by the CRM Experts at BrainSell. Anyone interested in saving time and money by not wasting time moving back and forth between SugarCRM and MS Outlook or Exchange should attend this webinar.

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Webinar Replay: MicrosoftCRM vs. Saleslogix: A side-by-side comparison webinar

Too many CRM options? Narrowed it down and still cannot choose? Join this action-packed live demo with BrainSell’s product experts for a side-by-side comparison of MicrosoftCRM vs. SalesLogix.

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