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October 3, 2013 [ 0 Comments ]

How To Succeed with Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services

So what exactly is Social Media Marketing? I think it can be hard to nail down what people mean when they wave around that term sometimes, so here’s a quick definition:

Social Media Marketing’ (when done well) generates publicity using online social media outlets such as community websites, social networking groups, blogs, and sites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, StumbleUpon, Flickr, Google+ and YouTube. It’s a way to position yourself or your brand/company/site etc. as a thought leader in your industry. As a wise woman once told me ‘no one knows how big or small you are on the internet’, social media is a great way to create your image on the internet regardless of your size.

Social Media Marketing is a really valuable way to generate increased website traffic and backlinks to your site in a timely and cost-efficient manner. In turn, working with social media also produces better organic search results (improved SEO) for your company, and helps with your company’s branding strategy in managing your online reputation and spreading your image, products and services to a much wider audience.

BrainSell Technologies has seen such huge growth and success with our own social media marketing that we created an arm of the business dedicated to helping our customers succeed with social media as well. We have grown 30% every year for 4 years since adopting ‘inbound marketing’ and no longer use pay-per-click or any paid advertising. We generate our own organic leads and generate revenue based on our own social media efforts.

If you are interested in finding out more about how BrainSell can help your business capitalize on the benefits of the internet and all those social media platforms you probably love to hate (if you’re not a company completely run by tweens and 20 somethings, which we assume you’re not) please drop us a line and we will gladly help you create campaigns customized to your industry, target audience and specific goals.

We have a talented team of young professionals whose talents and passions have aligned and made them social media marketing specialists/gurus/experts/heroes at BrainSell Technologies and are here to help you:

  • Leverage social networking sites such as: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn to interact with potential customers and targeted online communities.
  • Identify relevant social networking sites, create corporate social networking profiles, and manage your social networking presence.
  • Boost your website traffic and gain online publicity with social bookmarking tools.
  • Create and manage your business blog to reach a wide customer base and increase your search engine visibility.
  • Manage your marketing automation platform to create nurture/drip campaigns to effectively grow your customer base.
  • And sooo much more.

BrainSell has established a great Social Media Marketing service to run seamlessly to establish, build, and maintain your online presence while giving you the freedom and ability to focus on managing your business.

If you are interested in finding out more click the following link to get more information about BrainSell’s Social Media Marketing Services.

Pricing is available here. To speak with someone directly, contact Stewart Sylvester at 978.887.3870 x207 or by email at

Below is an infographic we built on inbound marketing…

Inbound Marketing Services

September 3, 2013 [ 0 Comments ]

Master Social Media in 15 Minutes Or Less!

Posted by: Stewart Sylvester
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Social media is a power tool – most businesses have recognized the worth of jumping on the facebook/pinterest/twitter bandwagon and are reaping the results… but it shouldn’t take up more than 15 minutes of your day!

We at BrainSell have a system down to ensure we aren’t spending too much of our time on social media posting in a day – there are so many great and FREE tools out there to help you automate your social interactions, you’d be crazy not to take advantage of them. We have helped lots of our customers manage their inbound marketing/social presence and we thought it was about time we shared our process with the wider public.

We are hosting a free webinar tomorrow at 1:30 PM EST on ‘How To Manage Social Media In 15 Minutes Or Less‘ to cover this process, if you’re free definitely join us!

Social Media Monitoring Tools:

BrainSell uses a few great social media monitoring tools to help us out on a daily basis.

The first, and arguably our favorite is bufferapp - it let’s us post on Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter all at once, and they just added a new Google+ capability, which rocks. Buffer is really easy to use and really powerful, it lets us post from all our social media accounts at the same time on any webpage. But the really great functionality is that you can ‘load’ your buffer app in the morning (say over your morning coffee?) with posts you want to go out throughout the day on your social media platforms and you’re done! You can customize the times you would like the posts to go out and relax, knowing you’ve taken care of your postings in the morning. BufferApp really lets you become a thought leader, and frees up lots of time for other things. Throughout the day you can post interesting blogs or articles you come across – with their ‘share now’ button, or you can load into the BufferApp to share later.

BufferApp is free and easy to get started with – once you activate the app on your internet browser you will see the BufferApp icon in the top right hand corner, it looks like this:

BufferApp icon


Don’t take our word for it though, try it out yourself by visiting

Our second favorite social media monitoring tool is TweetDeck or HooteSuite (they’re so similar it’s hard to choose). Both of these work in same way towards the same goal – the only difference being HooteSuite has a few more bells and whistles.

Both TweetDeck and HooteSuite allow you to set up all your social media accounts in one place and set alerts on different keywords, hashtags and handles. This is a great way to stay connected with your customer base and be alerted of conversations in real time that mention you, your company or a keyword/issue of interest. For example – we are alerted when anyone mentions us @Brainsell because we have set up an alert through TweetDeck – here’s a screenshot:

TweetDeck Screenshot


As you can see from above we can literally track everyone that mentions us – and use that to react and engage with our customer base, prospects and vendors. We like to stay on top of social media – but we don’t like it to monopolize all our time!

To learn more about tips and tricks you can employ to Master Social Media in 15 Minutes or Less join us tomorrow at 1:30PM EST, register for our free webinar here.

September 15, 2010 [ 0 Comments ]

Dilbert and Social Media

Posted by: Sonja Fridell

We’re big fans of, a website that highlights way cool stuff. This comic was there today, fantastic!

dilbert social media cartoon

July 28, 2010 [ 29 Comments ]

Calling all HubSpot users! Is it Worth the Cost?

Posted by: Sonja Fridell
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hubspotBeing a cutting-edge software business, it was natural for us to get immersed in social media. However, we quickly found ourselves missing some vital links in our social media routine/adventures. The blog gets LOTS of hits, but from who and how do they find it? Are they potential leads? Gallivanting on our web site without leaving a trace behind? The idea has un-nerved some of us.

So we’ve tried several different programs to convert those visitors to live leads.

Hubspot was first. I liked it, but didn’t completely understand the value. We already track our analytics through Google, retweets and mentions are easy to find. I couldn’t grasp why we should spend $9000 a year on a tool that aggregates what I already do for free. Sure, it will save us time, but not $9k of time.

The real value of Hubspot is in it’s landing page builder. So what if people are looking at your blog, you need them to fill out a form. My Hubspot consultant didn’t concentrate on this feature, and that’s where she lost the sale. I know how amazing landing pages can be. Offer a free white paper and watch the names filter in. Then nurture that lead and hope it converts.

LeadLander was next. It’s a neat tool, but incomplete. LeadLander tracks visitors IP address when they’re on your site and creates a list of those addresses. They’re names of companies, not people. Neat, but then what? It’s a huge tease to see a company come back again and again and not convert them. That’s where landing pages come in. You need conversion tools that are tempting and easy to use. Thankfully, HubSpot allows you to create dynamic landing pages, but because they run off a template they often don’t look as good or have clunky functionality.

Lead Lander is over $1,000 per year. Not bad, but I’d rather get forms filled out than see who’s playing on my site. Plus, HubSpot tracks companies that visit your site anyway.

Is $9000 worth it? What kind of returns can you expect if executed correctly?

Calling all Hubspot users!!! Is it worth it? Please refer to the comments for ongoing conversation.

UPDATE: Download the Product Comparison checklist: Hubspot vs. Pardot 

We’ve been getting requests for product comparisons, so there you go! More to come (-=

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