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April 9, 2010 [ 0 Comments ]

HOT New Social Media Product: We’ve got it!

Posted by: Sonja Fridell
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insideview and brainsellBrainSell is so into social media that we’ve partnered with the very cool social media company, InsideView.

InsideView, located in San Francisco, has a great little product, SalesView. SalesView can integrate into SugarCRM and find social media connections and news.

Let’s face it, one can waste hours scouring social media sites, blogs and general news sites for mentions of their competitors, leads, customers and THEMSELVES. SalesView monitors thousands of sources relentlessly for that information. You can sit back and see the buzz happen right from SugarCRM.

Social media has never been so easy, and profitable!

Check out our new SalesView page! You can even try it for free.

March 21, 2010 [ 3 Comments ]

CRM Acceleration Event Nears

The event takes place this Tuesday, March 23rd.  This has been one of the most exciting and dynamic events I’ve ever been involved in. We’re very lucky to have great presenters who are focused on delivering “remarkable content”. From Dharmesh Shah, co-author of Inbound Marketing, Umberto Milletti, CEO of Inside View, Mitch Lieberman, VP of Strategic Solutions at SugarCRM, Martin Schneider, Director of Marketing at SugarCRM and Chip Meyers, Sales Operations Manager at Insource Performance Solutions who pulls the whole story together as Inbound Marketeer and user of technology that allows his sales staff to take advantage of qualified prospects that his Inbound Marketing efforts identify.

What’s been so remarkable is that we have 190 sign ups. Which reinforces the power of Inbound Marketing. The bulk of those who’ve signed up for the event have done so by Inbound Marketing efforts through Social media. 

In preparation for the event for those who have signed up, pick up Dharmesh’s book, Inbound Marketing.  He’ll be signing books post event.  What you’re going to find is genuine and authentic information. I fully expect attendees to walk out with information they can use.

It’s not too late to sign up though our space is now limited.

February 28, 2010 [ 0 Comments ]

A funny thing happened on the way to the SugarCRM Forum

Posted by: Jim Ward
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What happened to me on the way to creating this event on Social Media. Life… It’s all about timing!

Here’s our story. The agenda we’ve created happened post being asked by SugarCRM to be the host for their Accelerator Event promoting SugarCRM. Events like these are designed to introduce technology and find interested buyers .

However, I had just read “Inbound Marketing” by co author Dharmesh Shah (check him out on LinkedIn) whose company is in Cambridge (Hubspot) and has MIT educational pedigree. I suggest you too read this book. Personally, my thinking about marketing changed. Let me just say, you have to “give” to “get”. And I had an “aha” moment post reading Inbound Marketing.

Before I read this book my opinion of Social Media was at best skeptical. I wondered if skepticism was based on perspective and generation (ok my age)! I just didn’t get how Social Media could impact business sales.

For me the next step was monumental! As soon as I completed this book I hired someone (an ex journalist – not your typical marketer) to run an Inbound Marketing program.  For me, this was monumental.  To hire someone to focus ONLY on Inbound Marketing strategies? If you knew me, you’d know how conservative I am.  Let me repeat, I hired someone to work with a media that I had been so skeptical about.  And now I’m absolutely convinced you must have an Inbound Marketing program to be relevant and to effectively find new business.  Traditional interruptive marketing no longer works all by itself!

So the event… I felt so strongly about the contents of Dharmesh’s book that I took an entirely different approach suggested by SugarCRM for the event agenda. I wanted to deliver “remarkable content” to our attendees.  I wanted to “give” to “get”  (all part of Inbound Marketing concepts).

Frankly, this approach just feels right.  The content and agenda is genuine and authentic.  Those that attend the Boston event are attending the first of, what I believe, is a message that needs to travel across the US.  I wanted to create something that was worth paying for…

Even if you don’t attend our event  read “Inbound Marketing” and help your business find new opportunities in a changed marketing world. Have your own “aha” moment.