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January 30, 2014 [ 0 Comments ]

How To Tell If Your Company Has Outgrown QuickBooks

Posted by: Stewart Sylvester
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Intuit boasts over 2.2 million users on their most popular accounting system, QuickBooks. It is arguably the world’s most popular accounting system. QuickBooks’ popularity is due to it’s user friendly interface, reasonable pricing and provision of a nice assortment of features that cater to the needs of smaller businesses. That being said… QuickBooks has its limitations, and more often than not, companies reach a point where it can no longer accommodate their needs.

We wrote this blog to outline How To Tell If Your Company Has Outgrown QuickBooks for companies who use QuickBooks and are unsure if it still meeting their needs. In addition to this post we are hosting a webinar on the topic on the 13th of February at 1:30pm EST, it is free for anyone interested in registering.

SalesLogix and SalesFUSION

There are some common telltale signs/symptoms that you are beginning to outgrow QuickBooks.

Signs You Have Outgrown QuickBooks

Performance Delays – This is perhaps the biggest overall sign that you need to migrate to a more advanced system. Here are a few examples: your company has added some employees and QuickBooks just isn’t capable of coping with the higher throughput needed in a larger organization. Or, you might notice unacceptable menu and screen delays occurring as you navigate through QuickBooks, or a general slowing down of the product. Another sign of outgrowing QuickBooks is when your reports begin taking an unacceptable and increased amount of time to print.

If you are experiencing any of the above problems it might be time to speak to someone about the pros and cons of moving to a more advanced and powerful system. Here are just a few benefits of moving to an ERP system…

Why An ERP System Might Be Better For You

Why a move to an integrated database is better – Smaller companies do everything they can to keep up.  That means a lot of manual processes and spreadsheets.  Eventually, the pain of this extra work gets to be too much as the volume of work expands.  A high quality mid-market ERP system allows an organization to keep virtually all of the required information in one database, which reduces duplicate data entry and related errors.

Quick access to information – all the information goes in and it can be difficult to get it out of QuickBooks using its processes. The new Excel exports help a lot but it is still not an efficient way to analyze information.  Pulling information out through SQL Services Reporting Services or Business Intelligence data cubes allows staff to keep on top of critical metrics and KPI’s.

Ability to customize – I know this is a bad word for some people but the reality is that businesses often have some unique processes that comprise a competitive advantage. As an example, we have one very large ERP customer who has refused for years to act as a reference in their industry because they believed the customizations we were able to do for them gave them such a competitive advantage they wanted to keep that knowledge away from their competitors.

Industrial strength – Even with the massive amounts of research and development put into the QuickBooks product, it is still possible to find data inconsistencies and miss key features found in a higher end system.

Moving off of QuickBooks doesn’t have to be a painful process, and we can help you decide if it’s time for your company to migrate. Join us on February 13th at 1:30pm for a free webinar on this to start the ball rolling. If you would like to speak with an ERP software expert, call us direcly: 978.887.3870.

SalesLogix and SalesFUSION

The bottom line: Enjoy QuickBooks while it makes sense for your growing business.  It’s a great system, but just like savings account you started when you were 22… you have to plan ahead so you are prepared to move on when you need more.

January 28, 2014 [ 0 Comments ]

20% Off Sale on Act! v16

Posted by: Stewart Sylvester
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January is almost over! Swiftpage (the company that bought Act!) is offering 20% off Act! v16 Premium & Pro licensing (20% off SRP) but the upgrade must be purchased before this Friday the 31st.

What’s New in v16?

Watch a quick video on the new features and functionality in Act! v16 to see why you should upgrade:

If you are on an older version of Act! and would like a quote for upgrading please be in touch to take advantage of this promotion. Call us directly at 978.887.3870 x207 or email us at

Key Promotional Details

  • 20% off Act! v16 Premium & Pro (20% off SRP)
  • Offer Valid until 1/31

Act! Sale

January 24, 2014 [ 0 Comments ]

SugarCRM v7 Projects Module: It Does Exist!

Posted by: Sonja Fridell

SugarCRM has blown away users with their new UI in version 7. However, some users are concerned that the project module is no longer an out of the box module. Sugar is still letting users enable the projects module if they need it, but Sugar isn’t going to keep developing and improving the module in the future. There are programming reasons for this, and we won’t go into that now.

If you’re using Sugar 7 and would like to enable the projects module, check out this knowledge base article. You’ll have to download the module and upload it into the module loader in the admin panel.

Questions?! Ask us on our live chat, or email us @

Happy PM-ing!

Download the PM Module for Sugar 7 Here

January 8, 2014 [ 0 Comments ]

SugarCRM CE vs Pro Edition

Posted by: Stewart Sylvester

Don’t miss our free webinar on thisSugarCRM Showdown: CE vs Pro Edition on Wednesday, February 5th at 1:30pm EST, register below!

SalesLogix and SalesFUSION

About Sugar CE vs. Pro Edition

SugarCRM is the fastest growing CRM on the market today. In part because many end users start adoption of SugarCRM with their free open source Community Edition (CE), and then migrate to a paid edition of Pro or Enterprise. SugarCE is not hosted by Sugar, it is their only non SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. CE is a download version that lives on your server. In other words, it’s not web based. SugarCE is a good starting tool for someone looking for a great company with a free intro CRM. But it isn’t a version you can really grow your business with forever. CE has limited functionality compared to the paid and (optionally) hosted versions, Sugar Professional and Sugar Enterprise. Sugar Community can do a lot, don’t get me wrong, but some of the things it does not do that Pro and Enterprise can are…

Sales forecasting, contracts, quoting, marketing reports and marketing automation integration, customizable dashboards, support and a knowledge base, custom reporting, plug ins for Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word, as well as work flow automation rules, reminders and alerts, and mobile editions (because it’s a hosted, offline client).

We have done a lot of SugarCE to Pro migrations for client’s in the past. I compiled the top reasons most of our clients look to move off of CE to either Pro or Enterprise and listed them below.

Top Reasons People Move from CE to Pro:

  • Need the ability to build reports 
  • Want to restrict user permissions by creating roles
  • Want Sugar to be hosted in the cloud with automatic software updates at no additional cost
  • Free support (that’s a big one)
  • Want activity stream with social integration like chatter

SugarCE is a great way to get into a CRM product, but beware, there can be a lot of IT work to get it up and running. What is great about SugarCE is that it can be easily converted to Sugar Pro or Enterprise. There is a wizard to convert the data that works well – as long as there are not a ton of customizations to the exiting CE edition, in which case it can take a little more work.

Download our comparison chart: SugarCE vs Pro, Enterprise, Corporate and Ultimate.

To learn more about SugarCE vs. Pro edition come to our free webinar on Wednesday, February 5th at 1:30pm EST, register below!

SalesLogix and SalesFUSION

January 6, 2014 [ 0 Comments ]

The Best Salesforce For QuickBooks Integration

Posted by: Stewart Sylvester
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BrainSell has been chosen by and Intuit (the makers of QuickBooks… everyone’s favorite accounting solution for small to mid sized companies) to be one of the first resellers of the Intuit approved Salesforce for QuickBooks integration! There are a few other integration solutions out there but none of the others are approved and designed by the makers of QuickBooks and Salesforce like this one is. This new addition to our lineup of endorsed software solutions is making waves already! To get a jump start on demonstrating this powerful new integration we are doing a free webinar Tuesday, January 28th at 1:30pm EST anyone interesting in seeing a free demo can sign up below:

SalesLogix and SalesFUSION

Why Salesforce For QuickBooks is The Best Integration Out There

Users love it because it gives them increased flexibility, visibility and productivity. Another bonus? When users sign up for this integration they have no contract and the ability to pay monthly! This is a huge win for our new and existing customers because they can now get with no contract and no big overhead when they sign on. Intuit’s new Salesforce for QuickBooks integration is the much anticipated solution to increase transparency and efficiency for all users.

“We are very excited to be able to offer this QuickBooks integration to our new and existing Salesforce clients,” said Jim Ward, founder and CEO of BrainSell. “Adding this tool to our arsenal of hot solutions gives BrainSell the opportunity to supply an even stronger level of sales and support for all of our customers. What’s really great is that customers can get a Salesforce subscription from BrainSell with no annual commitments, and the ability to pay monthly!”

How It Works

Intuit’s new integration is a bi-directional sync between QuickBooks and Salesforce that allows end users the opportunity to see QuickBooks data from within Salesforce, and also for Salesforce users to send information to QuickBooks, cutting down on double entry and giving salespeople visibility into accounting. Users have the ability to choose which items sync from QuickBooks to Salesforce and vice versa while also dictating how frequently the sync occurs. With this integration it is possible to manage opportunities in Salesforce that go directly into QuickBooks. You don’t have to be a QuickBooks user to take advantage of this offering.

Sign up for our free webinar on Tuesday, January 28th at 1:30pm EST to see a free demo of Salesforce for QuickBooks.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Salesforce for QuickBooks integration can visit the following link to get more information:  Salesforce for QuickBooks integration.

If you have questions about this please call us: 978.887.3870 x207 or reach us by email at

December 31, 2013 [ 0 Comments ]

Stop Wasting Time and Money! Automate Spending Processes with

Posted by: Stewart Sylvester

If you run a business, you spend money. We found a great application that empowers business owners to spend with confidence.

Join us Wednesday, January 15th at 1:30pm EST for a 30 minute webinar titled ‘Stop Wasting Time and Money! Automate Spending Processes with‘ - to learn how automating your organization’s spending processes with will save your company both time and money. We will be showing all attendees how to reduce or even eliminate manual, paper-based spending processes, like Excel expense reports and paper purchase orders, to gain complete control and visibility over all company spending processes. If you’re interested in joining us register by hitting the button below. Or keep reading to hear more about

InBOX25 Webinar

How Saves You Money

Our CEO has a saying he likes to remind us of frequently ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’, and in business ignorance is rarely ever bliss. Which is why so many business owners love It gives them complete visibility and control over all company spending, in a really concise and digestible way. Accessed online through any Web browser, is completely accessible no matter where you are, which gives you increased flexibility to automate expense reporting, purchasing and payable invoices individually, or subscribe to all three modules to create a fully integrated spend management system.

How It Works

You don’t have to be the CEO to find value in either. No matter what your role is—expense report & purchasing submitter, approver or finance & company executive— puts you in control over how money is spent in your company.

As an expense report submitter and purchaser of goods and services, you can easily create all the documents you need online. In addition, you can see if spending is within policy as you go which makes staying in compliance much easier.

If you are an approver or manager, puts everything right at your fingertips so you can quickly make informed approval decisions. In a few easy steps end users can easily see how expense reports, purchasing requests and invoices impact monthly and yearly budgets. eliminates guessing and lets all users make informed decisions.

Easy to Use and Deploy

With, companies don’t pay for extras and there are no hidden surprises. A very low annual subscription includes implementation, training and support for all users to ensure your success. In fact, their pricing incents you to use—the more your company controls spending with, the bigger the return on your investment.

To take a closer look at join us on Wednesday, January 15th at 1:30pm EST for a 30 minute webinar titled ‘Stop Wasting Time and Money! Automate Spending Processes with‘ - to learn how automating your organization’s spending processes with will save your company both time and money. Or call us directly to speak to a BrainSell employee about 978.887.3870.

InBOX25 Webinar

December 26, 2013 [ 0 Comments ]

What’s New In Sage 100 in 2014?

Posted by: Stewart Sylvester

It’s almost the New Year! We thought we’d ring in our New Year by letting all our new and exiting Sage 100 users what’s new in Sage 100 2014. We are hosting a free webinar Wednesday, January 8th at 1:30pm EST to go over the highlights of what new features and functionality come in Sage 100 in 2014. To join us for this free webinar, click on the button below.

SalesLogix and SalesFUSION

What’s New In Sage 100 2014?


An Autocomplete feature has been added for customer number, vendor number, and item code entry fields. You can now locate records by entering the customer name, vendor name, or item description in the respective field. As you type, a list of records matching your entry appears, and you can select a record from the list. For example, if you have vendors named Alphabet International, Autosupply Service, and American Accessories, when you type “a” in the vendor number field, all three vendors will appear in an alphabetized list, and you can select the one that you want.  You can still select records by entering the customer number, vendor number, and item code.

Custom Reports

Custom reports now provide the ability to allow a user to keep the custom report window open after print or preview. This allows users to save time when printing or previewing numerous custom reports.

New Mobile Apps – Mobile Billing, Service and Sales

The Sage Data Cloud allows your company to tie your on-premises Sage 100 ERP system to the cloud, allowing you take advantage of new solutions and integrations to help your business improve customer service, increase sales, and make better business decisions. New cloud, mobile, and connected services will quickly and easily connect to your system through the Sage Data Cloud, included in business care with a free connector and unlimited data storage. You’ll be prepared for the future with the Sage Data Cloud and cloud, mobile, and connected services from Sage.

Sage Billing and Payment is an ideal solution for any company that sends out invoices to receive payments. This affordable, quick to implement, cloud-based solution can help companies:

  • Improve customer service.
  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).
  • Reduce invoicing expense.
  • Reduce invoicing time.
  • Reduce redundant data entry.

Sage Billing and Payment makes the tedious invoicing and reconciliation process easier thanks to the ability to electronically send bills and receive payments. When a customer receives an invoice, he is able to click to pay the invoice, automatically entering the cash receipt into his batch. It helps companies gain critical visibility into receivables thanks to real-time invoice stats like sent, opened, and paid—all of which help ensure companies stay on top of outstanding customer balances. And with invoice data dynamically transmitted to their Sage ERP Accounts Receivable module, manual data import/export is eliminated.

Sage Mobile Sales provides sales reps and managers with the ability to take an order, collect

payment, and enter it directly into the ERP anytime and anywhere through an iPad. Sage

Mobile Sales is a solution for companies that are looking to:

  • Increase revenue—close bigger deals per field salesperson.
  • Get paid faster—process orders and collect payment onsite.
  • Get anytime, anywhere access to customer purchase history and inventory
  • information.
  • Present their entire product portfolio to customers on an iPad using a smart online
  • catalog and eliminate the need for printed catalog.
  • Build a quote while with a customer, email it, or convert it to an order.
  • Confidently commit to fulfilling orders with real-time visibility into product availability.
  • Streamline order processing—eliminate the error-prone multiple steps required when

taking orders in the field on paper and later having to enter them into an ERP.Sage Mobile Sales enables sales reps to intelligently take customer orders and enter them directly into the ERP system anytime, anywhere. The tablet app increases sales revenue by providing the rep with all of the information needed to close a customer sale, including customer order history, available stock, and an online catalog, while reducing the need for the use of paper order forms and double entry.

Sage 100 2014 has tons of new features and functionality, all in all it is a more agile and modern solution with the new mobile functions and modern user interface. To see a free demo of all the new features join us on Wednesday, January 8th at 1:30pm EST. To join us for this free webinar, register here

December 23, 2013 [ 0 Comments ]

BrainSell Named A VAR Star By Bob Scott For The Fourth Consecutive Year!!!

Posted by: Stewart Sylvester

BrainSell has been selected as a member of the annual Bob Scott’s VAR Stars for 2013 list, a group of 100 organizations honored for their accomplishments in the field of midmarket financial software.

So… what IS a VAR Star?

Members of the VAR Stars are selected based on factors such growth, industry leadership and recognition, and innovation. Selection is not based on revenue and those firms chosen represent a wide range of size and many different software publishers of accounting software. BrainSell has been selected for the award for the past four years and we are so honored to be chosen again.

And who is Bob Scott anyway???

Bob Scott has been informing and entertaining the mid-market financial software community via his email newsletters for 14 years. He has published this information via the “Bob Scott’s Insights” newsletter and website since 2009. He has covered this market for 21 years through print and electronic publications, first as technology editor of Accounting Today and then as the Editor of Accounting Technology from 1997 through 2009. He has covered the traditional tax and accounting profession during the same time and has continued to address that market as executive editor of the Progressive Accountant since 2009.

Jim Ward, the CEO and founder of BrainSell had this to say of being a VAR Star for the fourth year in a row: “We’re excited to have made the VAR Start list for 2013. Our revenue is up 42% year over year and I attribute that to hard work and an aggressive acquisition strategy. We have great technology partners and an amazing staff that let us achieve that kind of growth.”

BrainSell has expanded in the ERP market considerably in 2013 is very excited to be expanding more into the New Year. To ring in the New Year, we are hosting two complimentary webinars in January for ERP consumers. Join BrainSell on January 8th at 1:30pm EST to see ‘What’s New In Sage 100 2014’, or on January 15th at 1:30pm EST to learn how to ‘Stop Wasting Time and Money: Automate Your Spending Process’.

December 20, 2013 [ 0 Comments ]

The NEW SalesLogix – Why SalesLogix New Mobile Functionality Has Given Them The Cutting Edge

Posted by: Stewart Sylvester

Here at BrainSell we are really excited to share Saleslogix’s brand new Mobile look and feel. They have jumped into 2014 with cutting edge mobile technology that end users are loving. SalesLogix Mobile brings functionality built for a modern day sales force that’s always on the go.

Their new Mobile CRM platform gives you access to all your interactions, right at your fingertips – on any wi-fi, or wireless data enabled device. Not only is Saleslogix Mobile easily accessible it is a robust solution that out performs other top tier mobile CRM apps.

Saleslogix Mobile gives rich CRM functionality to smartphones and tablets, giving the mobile workforce a strong competitive advantage to help drive productivity and increase revenue. What we love so much about the new incarnation of SalesLogix is the customizable features they have introduced, giving end users more control over their CRM than before. SalesLogix Mobile is also secure, and easy to use – it is even more intuitive than in the past.

Saleslogix Mobile features an attractive, task-oriented user interface designed to put the most relevant customer information at users’ fingertips and enable them to perform key actions quickly. The new UI looks (featured below) like a more intuitive Microsoft solution – clean and crisp but with logical step by step processes that make it very user friendly. Interaction with native device features such as mapping, dialing, and email further streamlines the mobile user experience. Saleslogix Mobile updates automatically over-the-air and the Mobile Client is available at no additional license charge for existing Saleslogix users (with compatible versions). A Mobile-only Saleslogix license option is also available at a reduced cost.

Saleslogix has also introduced a new, powerful Outlook integration to enhance visibility for users. The new Outlook Sync gives seamless access to SalesLogix contacts and library documents straight from Outlook.

Other new features in SalesLogix:

  • Multiple Attendees per Activity
  • Monitor Twitter and LinkedIn and Take Action on Key Posts
  • Outlook Toolbar
  • File selector
  • Insert sales library documents

Limited time end of the year savings – details below:

20% off LAN licenses for 10 users.

15% off LAN licenses for 5 users.

10% off Cloud licenses for 10 users.

To learn more about Saleslogix Mobile and the new 8.1 contact us directly, 978.887.3870 or by email at

December 3, 2013 [ 0 Comments ]

Marketing Automation Made Easy For SugarCRM – InBOX25

Posted by: Stewart Sylvester

We have been huge fans of InBOX25′s excellent email marketing tool – which is why we were thrilled when they announced their fully integrated all-in-one marketing automation platform last month! Part of why we love InBOX25 so much is because they truly embody the belief that powerful and complex technologies don’t need to be complicated to use or crazy expensive. Their tools are always intuitive and user friendly while also being innovative and effective.

We were so excited to spread the word about their new tool we signed up to do a webinar on their new marketing automation platform, and it integrates directly into SugarCRM, and even syncs in real time! InBOX can be used on its own as a stand alone marketing tool as well, but so many of our customers are CRM users that we thought we would show InBOX25 in the context of CRM as well. If you are interested in joining us, our webinar is next week: Tuesday, December 10th at 2013 at 1:30pm EST. To sign up, register here.

Marketing Automation Made Easy

What makes InBOX25 so intuitive? They seem to have mastered the UI (user interface) dilemma that many business software tools on the market today have not. InBOX25′s interface is clean and modern, with a guided process similar to HubSpot’s marketing automation tool. We have found that InBOX25′s marketing automation platform is easy to learn and doesn’t require much (if any) training.  To get an idea of the clean look I have taken some screen grabs from our in-house edition for you to see below.

What I like most about InBOX25′s new marketing automation tool is that you don’t have to be a tech savvy wiz to master it quickly. That doesn’t mean that it’s not a powerful platform though, InBOX25 has really mastered the ‘simple but effective’ motto they were founded on. Which is great for end users looking for a powerful and affordable marketing automation tool that is easy to learn and has high adoption rates.

InBOX25 and SugarCRM

Another reason we love InBOX25 is because it is the perfect tool for our SugarCRM customers. It is the only marketing automation platform on the market that installs and deploys directly into SugarCRM, and has real time data sync ability with SymSync … which is HUGE. Most platforms have a minimum of at least 15 minutes for a data sync. InBOX25 has all the functionality of most marketing automation platforms plus the added bonus of being incredibly user friendly and definitely has the best price tag on the market, starting at only $99.00 per month!

If you want to see a free full demo of InBOX25 join us next week, Tuesday, December 10th at 1:30pm EST for our webinar and get the opportunity to ask the experts your questions. To register click the button below.

InBOX25 Webinar


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