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May 19, 2010 [ 0 Comments ]

Sage is more than Software – Again

brainsell president jim wardSitting at the airport in Denver, Colorado, I’m reflecting on my week at Sage’s annual conference for business partners, Sage Insights. I remember when we first became acquainted with Sage in 2001. At that time we were a SalesLogix reseller and the company that owned SalesLogix (Interact Commerce) sold to Sage (know at that time as Best Software due to naming trademark issues in North America).

My first impressions of Sage were that we had finally found a vendor focused on the business partner and helping our company deliver great products and teaching us how to be the best service vendors. Over the years, there have been various leadership changes that had taken the blush off the rose a bit. Don’t get the wrong impression, it’s been my personal opinion, that Sage still provided business partners like us the best partner programs in the software industry, bar none.

Today, while awaiting my flight, I’m feeling like I did back in 2001. Excited, refreshed and confident. This new Sage under its current leadership has invigorated this company in North America. There’s a commitment to its product lines, and now heavily focused in the customer experience. Something I’ve personally taken so seriously that I truly believe that one can no longer create customer satisfaction. Satisfaction simply isn’t enough. One must create customer delight!

Sage is investing in its business software solutions, they’re making the customer experience a number one priority in all dimensions of their business. They’re passionate, like me, about this business. And although we all need to make sales, it’s not just about the sale. I couldn’t be more proud to be a Sage partner. It wasn’t long ago that Sage North America brought in Sue Swenson as CEO of Sage North America. If memory serves me correctly it was March, 2008. This leader had to face corporate challenges and then the onslaught of a tough economy. I wasn’t sure how she’d be able to take on such incredible odds.

Well, I’m here to say she’s done so with amazing grace and charm. She’s surrounded herself with other great leaders, like Jodi Uecker-Rust, Laurie Schultz, Tom Miller, Paul Johnson and Joe Bergera just to name a few. In each of their teams there’s a new energy and confidence. This company is going to be a force in all things business software. As I sit here today, I’m now looking at how we can better serve our clients with more of the solutions Sage provides. And adding expertise that will align us to the Sage goal of delivering pure customer experience excellence.

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