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April 23, 2010 [ 0 Comments ]

The Social CRM Process Inspires a Social Brainstorm

Posted by: Sonja Fridell

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the Social CRM process. Actually, the phrase was recently dubbed by blogger Jacob Morgan. As social media outlets continue to take off, we need to understand how the wealth of data can be categorized and monetized within CRM. It’s difficult to visualize how these outlets can turn into sales.

How can we successfuly integrate social media into our CRM systems? It seems like a messy undertaking, but Morgan does a great job of clearing it up.

Here is his original idea. It’s simple, maybe too simple.

social CRM

Morgan’s Original SCRM Depiction

Through the beauty of social media, his ideas grew in a few week’s time and he’s added on to it. A Google group, Social CRM Pioneers, led a discussion on Morgan’s initial thoughts. The discussion took on even more interest on the Cloud Ave. blog and ReTweets followed. Social media seems abstract, but with the help of others, Morgan drilled down a little more.

social crm process

Morgan’s Revised SCRM Process Depiction

How do you follow through with social media traffic? Have you created new fields in account records for Twitter activity?

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